February VIP Member Spotlight

Mary Beth Restivo and other VIP members gather for a VIP member night out in Manchester.

Each month, we meet with one of our VIP Members to learn about their ties to Manchester and why they decided to support the Ink Link through membership. It’s just one way we connect community, one story at a time. This month, we talk with Mary Beth Restivo.

What made you sign up for VIP Membership, Mary Beth?

Somehow Ink Link showed up on my social media feed with local news stories – some things I wasn’t seeing even on WMUR. I noticed this was run by Carol and realized I knew her from the Simple Gifts Coffee House I helped promote in Nashua years ago. I saw her at a couple of the local get-togethers and decided to join with a membership.

How long have you lived in Manchester?

I moved to Manchester last June after selling my home in Nashua.  I had lived there 18 years and raised my daughter in that house.  She’s off at college now so I decided to downsize, jump on the house selling bandwagon and ended up renting an apartment in the Millyard. So I moved from one mill town to another. 

When I started looking for an apartment I searched in Nashua, Merrimack, Bedford, and Manchester. In true analyst style I put all the data into a spreadsheet to make the logical choice but there was something about the building I’m in now that spoke to me. It’s a former textile mill, I’m a big history buff, and my daughter is majoring in fibers and textiles in college. I think this was meant to be.

How has the Ink Link helped you with your transition to Manchester?

Since I moved to a new city and didn’t really know anyone, Ink Link has provided a way to meet people around my neighborhood. I love the newsletter and finding out what’s going on around town. After attending one of the meet ups I ran into a few of the people in other places around town.  

For instance, in July I attended a walking tour of the Millyard given by John Clayton of the Millyard Museum. There was a young couple there who I saw again at the first Ink Link event I attended. Turns out it was Carol’s son and his girlfriend. I’ve run into them several other places including a Fisher Cats game. 

Recently, there was a unique situation with the Boston police tracking you down through your membership with the Ink Link. They called Carol, the Ink Link Publisher, to see if they could get a hold of you because your car was about to be towed, not that you had done anything wrong! What was your reaction to that chain of events and connection to the Ink Link? 

Oh my goodness! It was the 3rd day of our vacation in Florida. I checked my social media that morning while my daughter was getting ready and I had a Facebook message from Carol.  Never having received a message from her before, I was very suspicious. After a couple of messages back and forth I realized it was legitimate. I had left my car in East Boston near my daughter’s apartment. Before we headed for the airport I said I was leaving my car keys with her roomates in case it needed to be moved. My daughter thought I was being ridiculous (but mom always knows). I contacted the police officer who explained there was construction in the area and my car needed to move. He didn’t want to tow it so he Googled me, found my social media and my connection to the Ink Link. Thanks to Carol, my car didn’t get towed that day. Talk about going above and beyond the call of duty! This was certainly one of the most bizarre things that ever happened to me.

Besides now calling the city home, what does Manchester mean to you?

Manchester is rich in history. I see it has combined its historical past with the wonder-filled technologies of the future. I look out my apartment window and see the incredible innovations being created within the walls of an old mill. Yes, Manchester has the same challenges as other cities but I see people getting involved to come up with solutions. This makes me certain I made the right choice settling here.

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