March VIP Member Spotlight

Each month, we meet with one of our VIP Members to learn about their ties to Manchester and why they decided to support the Ink Link through membership. It’s just one way we connect community, one story at a time. This month, we talk with Wendy Cogswell.

What made you sign up as a VIP Member? I always find it intriguing to meet others. Each person I talk with provides their view of our city and surrounding towns. I have found some very interesting places to explore in Manchester. Also, I’m the president of a nonprofit, and, once again, meeting people is an awesome way to introduce my organization. So, becoming a VIP member has given me those opportunities.

How long have you lived in Manchester?
I have lived in the city for 25 years in the area called Skunk Hollow. 

Tell us about your nonprofit, Betty J. Borry Breast Cancer Retreats. Betty J. Borry Breast Cancer Retreats provides empowerment, sisterhood, and adventure to women of all ages and stages of breast cancer. At our retreats, women living after breast cancer go from surviving to thriving. We use challenge-by-choice activities and expressive/healing arts to create a supportive, inclusive, invigorating environment. 

How did you get started with this non-profit? As a 5 year breast cancer survivor, I was introduced to the American Cancer Society’s Adventure Weekend. A group of other survivors and myself were involved with snowshoeing, hiking, exploring, and doing an amazing ropes course. Being a winter woman, I loved every minute of it. Doing snow angels with other survivors was an awesome experience too! Lots of smiling faces. After my Adventure Weekend, the women directing us, cheering us on, and just being there when needed, asked me to join as a board member. I was so honored. My immediate answer was YES! I have been with the organization since 2005. 

What would you like women in the Greater Manchester area and beyond to know about your organization? If you are dealing with breast cancer, please come to meet other women who give you support, hugs, understanding, and strength in an adventure based program to help you thrive during your breast cancer journey. It is a great opportunity to become part of the Sisterhood!

What are ways that women find out about Betty J. Borry Breast Cancer Retreats?
The organization is in touch with the local hospital cancer centers, social workers around the state and locally. We provide literature about our organization to each breast cancer doctor as well. During my treatment with breast cancer, I was a patient at Elliot Hospital. 

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