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VIP Patron Spotlight: Dave Stringer, owner of Grolen Computers

Q: What does Grolen Computers do?

A: We help companies of all sizes as well as individuals manage their IT needs. That includes providing remote support, and in-home or in-office support.  We also sell new and refurbished computers and offer networking/wireless solutions. Our service area is generally Manchester and surrounding cities. Occasionally I drive to Maine, Massachusetts, and have even flown to Florida for some client’s satellite offices and franchise locations so traveling is not out of the question.

Q: What is the most-requested service you offer?

A: For new clients, our most requested service is virus and malware removal. For existing or returning clients, our most popular service is our service plan. Our service plan includes remote support, security software, labor for in shop repairs, and limited on site support as needed for a small monthly fee. It has great value. 

A recent situation with one of our clients brings to mind the benefit of this service plan. Every few months they kept coming in to get viruses or malware removed from their computer. They joined our service plan, and since then our security software has helped keep his system secure. The only time we hear from him now is when he has a minor issue or question which we have been able to resolve fairly quickly via remote support.

Q: How have you seen your business change over the years? 

A: Grolen has evolved and grown over the years along with technology. Hardware has become more reliable and as a result, many issues are the cause of software errors, which can be handled remotely. For example, storing data in the cloud is common. When you get a new computer, instead of transferring data, you simply sign into your cloud provider and all your data becomes available or automatically syncs to your new system. 

Back in the day, there used to be busy times of the year. I now find these busy times have leveled out and business seems to be more consistent. With large online retailers, lower prices, and short delivery times, walk in retail has fallen significantly and our business has become more about service and customer experience.

Q: How have you seen the Manchester business community change in that time?

A: Manchester is a great city, and a great community. It feels like the local businesses are more about community than it has ever been. I think there has been an uptick in businesses reaching out to help and support other businesses. Given events over the last year or two, I think many businesses have felt impaired in some way, and businesses are reaching out to help each other through these difficult times.

Q: What interested you in becoming a VIP Patron?

A: I knew other businesses found value from being a VIP Patron, and they recommended I join. Also, free advertising and a link back to my site from another site helps SEO! 

Dave Stringer is the owner of Grolen Computer Technology Experts, located at 814 Elm Street in Manchester. Visit their website for more information at

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