About the Ink Link

Ink Link was founded by veteran reporter Carol Robidoux in June of 2014. Her news philosophy has shifted over the past 30 years to include the notion theory of Interlocking Public and a sort of news activism – that news can be more than objective and accurate, but also capable of stirring readers toward change – from thinking about a subject in a different way to actually feeling activated and ready to engage. That includes practicing Solutions Journalism whenever possible, to acknowledge the challenges we face in New Hampshire, and point toward possible solutions.

The Ink Link is for you.

There is no paywall or limit to the number of stories you can read here. We believe that an informed public is key to a vibrant community. All should have access to the news.

The Ink Link persists because people in the community – and local advertisers – have found value in the content. We want to grow our news team and bring you even more great stories. As an independent online news service, we answer only to readers – and that’s a good thing. That also means there is no corporate entity taking care of payroll.

We try to make sure that local advertisers on our site add value for readers, and in return, we hope that readers will support our advertisers, creating a sustainable news ecosystem.

Ink Link runs on memberships. We ask you to join us in our mission to keep our city informed and engaged by signing up as a VIP today.

Why Becoming a VIP Matters

We have confidence that those who pay for streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix, iTunes or Spotify, or who have paid for a Lyft to the airport, or a Door Dash delivery to fulfill a late-night craving will also see logic in investing in a local news service that delivers information daily. 

Every dollar that comes in here goes right back into creating and sustaining a news site that serves our community. When you commit to becoming a VIP (Virtual Inklink Patron) you become an active part of a movement that is heading someplace forward and upward. You become a news activist by supporting our quest to keep looking for solutions and possibilities that will raise the quality of life here, for all. You will get exclusive access to Ink Link events and activities – some just for fun and others to help advise our coverage. You will also be a card-carrying VIP which gives you instant discounts at a growing list of our VIP partner businesses.

Becoming a VIP is a way to identify yourself as one of our people, that core group of “news sustainers” who are curious and connected, who value picking up what we’re putting down, and who “get” and support our mission.

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